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The art collection of the East Hill Gallery has been put together since 1989 and enjoyed a great success with British and American art collectors. It encompasses the best from the plein-air art by the Soviet painters from Moscow and St.Petersburg, Siberia and Crimea, Ukraine and Middle Asia.

Having exhibited in London, Edinburgh, Geneva, New York, Los Angeles and Palm Beach, the gallery has gained an excellent reputation for its commitment to high quality fine paintings from the 1930s-1960s. We hold regular exhibitions in London, at 49 East Hill, Wandsworth, where a plethora of small and medium scale works impress with their creative blend of tradition and modernity. Large canvasses from the vast collection of the East Hill Gallery are kept close by at its storage place in Chelsea, and also at our framing studios in East Sussex.

We select the strongest, in our opinion, images from the important artists, already established and collectible both in Russia and the West, as well as from those Russian painters, whose names are relatively unknown beyond Russia.

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20th Century Russian Art

Featuring 63 illustration of paintings from the East Hill Gallery collection. This hardback edition is only available from the East Hill Gallery at £25 (inc P&P).

Thank you for your interest in our collection. We would be happy to arrange a viewing at any time convenient to you.

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